Volunteers from Danville Area Community College

In October, students from Danville Area Community College learned the importance of land conservation while working to improve a 0.31-mile-long trail at LCF's newest property, along the Salt Fork. In November, LCF volunteers continued the work to ease access to this beautiful spot. If you'd like to be notified of future work days, contact Executive Director Deanna Glosser at

A new guide to Selected Native Plants of Meadowbrook Park is now available through the Field Museum website. Color photos of 63 species are grouped by flower color in this handy reference. LCF Executive Director Deanna Glosser was a supportive partner in a team effort led by primary authors Mike Skreiner and John Hilty. The museum's extensive collection of field guides includes a new one on creating monarch butterfly habitat.

Mudpuppy from the Sangamon River, by Alex Lourash

See what's so cool about the mudpuppy salamander, and watch a mudpuppy survey in action at the Sangamon River in Allerton Park. Mudpuppies have also been found in LCF's Sangamon River Corridor Reserve. LCF's Mudpuppy Festival celebrates all of the wonderful wildlife and natural lands that LCF is working to protect  — especially the unique and fascinating mudpuppy salamander!  Photo by Alex Lourash.

LCF's New Land
Acquisition Opportunity

LCF has long had a long-term vision of completing a protected Sangamon River corridor in Piatt County. This will require acquiring pieces of the puzzle to complete this vision. We are now pursuing the possibility of acquiring an exciting 16-acre parcel downstream of our Sangamon River Corridor Reserve. We will hopefully have more news to share soon.

Map of Sangamon River in Piatt County
Mike Hittmeier and friend install the Quentin Rund bench

Bench Donated in Memory
of Quentin Rund

Hikers on LCF’s Bruce Hannon Levee Trail now have a place to take a break mid-hike. In memory of his friend Quentin Rund, Mike Hittmeier of Mansfield, along with members of his family plus friends of Rund, donated and installed a sturdy wood bench. LCF is grateful for this enhancement to the popular 2.3-mile trail. Thanks also go to Jonathon and Michael Norvell, who helped with installation. Pictured: Jonathon Norvell, left, and Mike Hittmeier. Photo provided.

  • Feb 04, 2023, 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
    Monarch Events Center, 212 S Independence St, Monticello, IL 61856, USA
    Kids can do mudpuppy crafts and a scavenger hunt, get their wildlife passports stamped, “fish” for prizes, and learn about pollinators and the amazing mussels that live in our local rivers.
Winter hike on LCF Bruce Hannon Levee Trail

Follow a unique raised trail to the Sangamon River and our floodplain forest restoration. Visit the Sangamon River Corridor Reserve near Monticello.

Floodplain at Sangamon River Corridor Reserve

LCF works to ensure a future with abundant clean water by focusing on rivers, wetlands, and groundwater.

Phoebe bird in east central Illinois

All creatures who share our Illinois home benefit from LCF's work to connect and improve natural lands and waters.

LCF freshwater mussel survey in Sangamon River

LCF offers opportunities to encounter nature nearby, inspiring wonder and a future commitment to preservation.

Coyotes, mink, busy beavers, a bobcat, and a bunch of turkeys! They've all been caught on camera at our Sangamon River Corridor Reserve.

Be part of our promise to preserve natural lands forever.