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LCF has been working to raise the funds to acquire a 12-acre parcel to expand the Mouth of Jordan Reserve to 27 acres. Because of the generosity of so many LCF supporters, the funds were raised for the parcel — and for future stewardship needs. Thank you, donors! Protection of this tract will allow LCF to extend our hiking trail from the river up into the upland forest, and it will help protect the Salt Fork River.  Photo by Melissa Records.

Bruce Hannon

Many of you have likely heard the sad news of the passing of Bruce Hannon on February 18, 2024. Bruce founded LCF and served as president for many years, among his many significant accomplishments. Bruce had the vision to protect LCF's Sangamon River Corridor Reserve and use an old levee to create a unique trail, which LCF named for him. In Bruce's memory, take a hike on the Bruce Hannon Levee Trail. Photo by Derek Liebert.

A big thank-you to everyone who made our sixth annual Mudpuppy Festival a success, and to all those who braved the fog to enjoy the day! We're grateful to all of the volunteers and sponsors who contributed their live animals, engaging displays, creative crafts, financial support, and enthusiasm for the work of LCF! Photo by Melissa Records.

Volunteers at mud play table with boy
Merrybells wildflowers at Brady Woods in spring

Join us on the trail as we welcome the return of spring birds and wildflowers! A series of woodland walks will take you to all of the beautiful natural areas LCF is working to preserve. Families are welcome; most of our hikes go at a leisurely pace, as our hike leaders share their discoveries along the way! Some events need registration. See our events page for details. Photo: Merrybells at Brady Woods by Melissa Records. 

LCF is delighted to announce that, in memory of devoted LCF volunteer Bob Feller, his wife, Theresa, has donated 20 acres to LCF. The newly named Feller Woods sits along the Sangamon River in Piatt County. Watch for details soon, here and in our e-newsletter!

Map of Feller Woods to Brady Woods
Closeup of a mudpuppy being held by survey scientist

Learn what's so unusual about the mudpuppy salamander, and watch our video of researchers looking for mudpuppies in the Sangamon River at Allerton Park. Mudpuppies have also been found in LCF's nearby Sangamon River Corridor Reserve. LCF's Mudpuppy Festival celebrates all of the wonderful wildlife and natural lands that LCF is working to protect  — especially the unique and fascinating mudpuppy salamander!  Photo by Alex Lourash.

The Meyen family of Clinton has significantly extended the network of trails at Mettler Woods, west of Clinton. A full two miles of trails now lead into more rolling portions of the woodland, including the western area that was damaged by a tornado in 2003. These super volunteers even installed signage! Pictured here, Cassandra Meyen pauses at the start of the Valley Trail. Photo by Melissa Records.

Cassandra Meyen at Mettler Woods Valley Trail
  • Sep 28, 2024, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM
    Mouth of Jordan Reserve, Oakwood, IL 61858, USA
    Wendy Brown will help kids of all ages explore the Salt Fork River, with hands-on activities to learn about the animals that live there! To sign up, call Deanna Glosser at 217-725-5886 or email with the event name, your name, phone, and number of participants.
Winter hike on LCF Bruce Hannon Levee Trail

Follow a unique raised trail to the Sangamon River and our floodplain forest restoration. Visit the Sangamon River Corridor Reserve near Monticello.

Floodplain at Sangamon River Corridor Reserve

LCF works to ensure a future with abundant clean water by focusing on rivers, wetlands, and groundwater.

Phoebe bird in east central Illinois

All creatures who share our Illinois home benefit from LCF's work to connect and improve natural lands and waters.

LCF freshwater mussel survey in Sangamon River

LCF offers opportunities to encounter nature nearby, inspiring wonder and a future commitment to preservation.

Coyotes, mink, busy beavers, a bobcat, and a bunch of turkeys! They've all been caught on camera at our Sangamon River Corridor Reserve.

Be part of our promise to preserve natural lands forever.

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