Charlotte & Dan Brady Woods Nature Preserve

In January, the Illinois Nature Preserves Commission approved dedication of our Brady Woods property in western Champaign County as a Nature Preserve, giving it the greatest protection land can be granted in Illinois. LCF thanks Charlotte and Dan Brady for donating this beautiful 20-acre floodplain forest.

Thank You to Our
Mouth of Jordan Donors

On behalf of the LCF Board of Directors, I want to thank the many generous donors who helped LCF complete the acquisition of this special natural area.  LCF also wants to thank the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation for awarding LCF a land acquisition grant. It is only with this support that LCF can protect lands such as this in perpetuity! Thank you! — J. Steven Beckett, President

Kids Page Celebrates Mudpuppies and More

Our popular Mudpuppy Festival is on hold this year, but we still honor the Sangamon River's coolest creature! The city of Monticello proclaimed Saturday, January 30, as Mudpuppy Day. To celebrate, our new Kids page offers fun family activities, including Scavenger Hunt Bingo for our Bruce Hannon Levee Trail, and a beautiful coloring book, Mandy's Prairie Home.

Weir Construction
Improves Levee Trail

A 60-foot-long weir on the Bruce Hannon Levee Trail will help water levels on either side equalize more quickly, reducing erosion damage and the need for  repairs. Allowing flood waters to cross the levee is key to our 59-acre floodplain forest restoration project at the Sangamon River Corridor Reserve.

Boost Your "Outdoorphins"

Similar to the boost we get from endorphins, research confirms the uplifting effect — the "outdoorphins" — we get from visiting natural places. So get outside! Take your camera along and photograph whatever inspires you! Post photos on your social media of choice with hashtag #LCFnature. This way, we can search and share photos!

This summer, enjoy our trails on your own! Then watch here, on Facebook, and in our e-newsletters for news of special activities coming in the fall.

Follow a unique raised trail to the Sangamon River and our floodplain forest restoration. Visit the Sangamon River Corridor Reserve near Monticello.

Floodplain at Sangamon River Corridor Reserve

LCF works to ensure a future with abundant clean water by focusing on rivers, wetlands, and groundwater.

Phoebe bird in east central Illinois

All creatures who share our Illinois home benefit from LCF's work to connect and improve natural lands and waters.

LCF freshwater mussel survey in Sangamon River

LCF offers opportunities to encounter nature nearby, inspiring wonder and a future commitment to preservation.

Coyotes, mink, jumping mice, and a turkey parade! They've all been caught in the act at our Sangamon River Corridor Reserve.

Be part of our promise to preserve natural lands forever.