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Thanks to the more than 250 people who attended and made our 2023 Mudpuppy Festival another successful event, now in its fifth year! We especially want to thank our festival sponsors and volunteers; you made it happen!

Mudpuppy illustration
Wildflowers at Mouth of Jordan Reserve

Look down, then look up! Boot-level and bird-level are where the colorful action is, as spring comes to East Central Illinois. Join us for guided hikes at Brady Woods on April 22 and Mettler Woods on May 13. See details on our Events page. To get regular updates about events and more, sign up for our e-news or follow us on Facebook. Photo: Mouth of Jordan Reserve, by Melissa Records.

Learn what's so unusual about the mudpuppy salamander, and watch our video of a mudpuppy survey in action at the Sangamon River in Allerton Park. Mudpuppies have also been found in LCF's Sangamon River Corridor Reserve. LCF's Mudpuppy Festival celebrates all of the wonderful wildlife and natural lands that LCF is working to protect  — especially the unique and fascinating mudpuppy salamander!  Photo by Alex Lourash.

Mudpuppy from the Sangamon River, by Alex Lourash
DACC student volunteers at Mouth of Jordan Reserve

LCF's newest board member, Dr. Wendy Brown, has taught microbiology and biology at Danville Area Community College since 2002. A strong advocate of learning through experience, she brought a group of students to our Mouth of Jordan Reserve in October. She received her bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, and her Ph.D. in microbiology from Oregon State University. Welcome, Dr. Brown! Photo by Fran Harty; Dr. Brown, front row, center.

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Winter hike on LCF Bruce Hannon Levee Trail

Follow a unique raised trail to the Sangamon River and our floodplain forest restoration. Visit the Sangamon River Corridor Reserve near Monticello.

Floodplain at Sangamon River Corridor Reserve

LCF works to ensure a future with abundant clean water by focusing on rivers, wetlands, and groundwater.

Phoebe bird in east central Illinois

All creatures who share our Illinois home benefit from LCF's work to connect and improve natural lands and waters.

LCF freshwater mussel survey in Sangamon River

LCF offers opportunities to encounter nature nearby, inspiring wonder and a future commitment to preservation.

Coyotes, mink, busy beavers, a bobcat, and a bunch of turkeys! They've all been caught on camera at our Sangamon River Corridor Reserve.

Be part of our promise to preserve natural lands forever.

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