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Celebrate the Mudpuppy Salamander

LCF celebrates the Sangamon River’s coolest creature at our midwinter Mudpuppy Festival. This family event features crafts, games, and visiting experts. It's a fun way to learn about the fascinating mudpuppy salamander and other local wildlife.

Co-host Monarch Brewing Company, in downtown Monticello, prepares a custom brew and a special menu. The City of Monticello has proclaimed the day of the festival as “Mudpuppy Day.”


Festival Sponsors


Local businesses and individuals sponsor the festival, which attracts several hundred attendees. For sponsorship information, contact LCF Executive Director Deanna Glosser.

More About Mudpuppies

While other adult salamanders live on land, the unique mudpuppy lives its entire life underwater. It never develops lungs. Instead, it breathes with unusual fluffy red external gills.


This Illinois threatened species lives throughout the Sangamon River. It is sometimes called a waterdog because of its bark-like sound.


Mudpuppies grow up to 16 inches long. They are active all year long, but you won't see them! They hide under rocks during the day and feed at night.


They are also the sole host for larvae of the salamander mussel.