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Grand opening LCF Bruce Hannon Levee Trail at Sangamon River Corridor Reserve

Grand opening of the Bruce Hannon Levee Trail

LCF’s mission is to preserve and restore natural communities in East Central Illinois, to create interconnected corridors, to provide wildlife habitat, and connect people and nature for future generations.

Get an overview of LCF's protected natural areas and the work we do to maintain them; the diverse animals and plants they support; and our hiking trails, volunteer activities, and special events that bring people and nature together!

Our Founding & Focus

In 2003, a group of passionate East Central Illinois citizens and conservationists saw the need for a new organization with a unique, locally focused mission.

LCF was created to preserve and restore local woods and wetlands along rivers and creeks — areas often threatened by development. LCF also educates landowners about programs to preserve their land in its natural state.

LCF’s priorities include:

  • Ensuring access to clean drinking water

  • Improving wildlife habitat by connecting lands

  • Helping all ages understand and enjoy nature near home


LCF currently protects five properties totaling 258 acres in Champaign, Piatt, Vermilion, and DeWitt counties.

Brady Woods Nature Preserve, Feller Woods, and the Sangamon River Corridor Reserve include portions of the Sangamon River. Mouth of Jordan Reserve sits at the confluence of Jordan Creek and the Salt Fork of the Vermilion River. At Mettler Woods Nature Preserve, a creek on the property feeds into the Salt Creek Natural Area.

Our events page highlights our free nature programs, workdays, field trips, and annual Mudpuppy Festival.

LCF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Our work is made possible by gifts and grants from generous individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Founding members of LCF’s board of trustees are Bruce Hannon, Jerry Soesbe, Ted Rund, William Van Hagey, Eric Robeson, Kyle Robeson, Ward McDonald, Beth Beauchamp, and Charles Lansford.

Our Executive Director

LCF Executive Director Deanna Glosser is an environmental planner who has worked to protect natural resources for more than 30 years. 


Most recently, Deanna served on the Illinois Pollution Control Board. Prior to that, she founded Environmental Planning Solutions, Inc. (EPSI), consulting on a range of projects, including an update to the Illinois Natural Areas Inventory, for which she wrote the Illinois Sustainable Natural Areas Vision. 


She was also co-founder of the Sustainable Watershed Action Team, helping local governments in northeastern Illinois adopt sustainable development ordinances and prepare comprehensive and green infrastructure plans.

Deanna worked for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources for 13 years, most recently as lead on “smart growth” issues. Deanna began her IDNR career as endangered species program manager, then led the division ensuring 

LCF Executive Director Deanna Glosser

compliance with state regulations for wetlands and endangered species. For the American Planning Association, Deanna co-authored policy guides on wetlands, endangered species, and community and regional food planning.


Deanna has a PhD from the UIUC Department of Urban & Regional Planning. She has also served that department as an Adjunct Assistant Professor, and at UIS as an Adjunct Professor in the Environmental Studies program.  /  217-725-5886

Our Board of Directors

John Marlin


Urbana, IL 

Phil Van Ness

Vice President       
Urbana, IL


Jonah Cooley


Maroa, IL

Amanda Pankau


Monticello, IL


Jim Ayers

Monticello, IL

Elizabeth Beauchamp
White Heath, IL 

Steve Beckett

Urbana, IL

Wendy Brown
Danville, IL

Karla Griesbaum

Monticello, IL


Bruce Hannon

Champaign, IL

Cassandra Meyen

Clinton, IL


Ted Rund

Philo, IL 


Lott Thomas

Champaign, IL

Advisors to the Board

Fran Harty

Monticello, IL      


Kennedy K. Hutson
Monticello, IL 

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