The Land Conservation Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission to preserve and restore natural communities in East Central Illinois, to create interconnected corridors, to provide wildlife habitat, and connect people and nature for future generations.


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Land Conservation Foundation Acquires Land on Jordan Creek in Vermilion County

February 2020 

The Land Conservation Foundation is excited to announce that it purchased 11 acres at the confluence of the Salt Fork of the Vermilion River and Jordan Creek, in Vermilion County.  LCF wants to thank the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation for awarding LCF a grant for 80% of the cost of this land. LCF also wants to thank local donors who helped make this acquisition possible.  LEARN MORE


Both Jordan Creek and the Salt Fork of the Vermilion River are on the Illinois Natural Areas Inventory indicating the high quality of these streams.  Endangered mussel species and the threatened mudpuppy inhabit these waters.  


The previous owners, Jason Lindsey and Anna Keck voiced their long-term interest in protecting Jordan Creek, which led them to selling the land to LCF.   J. Steven Beckett, LCF’s president, said he is proud to have been able to protect this site in perpetuity.


Photos by Deanna Glosser

Improvements Made to the Bruce Hannon Levee Trail

The Land Conservation Foundation announce two improvements to the Bruce Hannon Levee Trail at the Sangamon River Corridor Reserve.  LCF has installed a pedestrian bridge to cross the low area between the kiosk and trail head and added a large boulder sign at the trailhead.  LEARN MORE


LCF would like to thank the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation for its Amenities & Events grants for providing the funds for this pedestrian bridge to facilitate getting to the trailhead from the kiosk.  We also want to thank Bob Feller, Fran Harty, the City of Monticello, and other volunteers for their assistance in assembling and installing this bridge.


Through the generosity of anonymous donors, LCF was also able to acquire a large boulder sign to install at the trailhead to make the entrance more visible from a distance.  LCF wants to again thank Bob Feller, Fran Harty, the City of Monticello for their assistance in installing this attractive sign.


Photos by Fran Harty

3 to 1 Grant Challenge for Sangamon River Corridor Reserve

JULY 2019 

LCF is launching a fundraising campaign for stewardship at its Sangamon River Corridor Reserve located in Monticello. The Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation has awarded an 18-month Stewardship Challenge grant to LCF! For every one dollar that we raise, up to $7,000, the Foundation will match it with three dollars, resulting in a total of $28,000 to be used for stewardship at the Sangamon River Corridor Reserve in Monticello. 


Any additional dollars donated will be used for stewardship at this site and support for LCF. The Foundation will also provide LCF an extra $4,000 when 400 hours of volunteer stewardship work at this site has been completed.


This grant is important in allowing LCF to repair and maintain the levee in order to monitor and protect the 59-acre reforestation project and to keep the recreational Bruce Hannon Levee Trail open.  A major flood event in early 2018 caused serious damage to this levee, including severe erosion and washing out a 10-foot gap in the trail, reducing use of the trail for hiking and threatening the reforestation effort. This grant will allow much of this damage to be repaired in a way that will hopefully minimize damage in the future.  


Please send your donation to LCF and help us meet this grant challenge! Mail your tax-deductible donation to LCF, 3413 Waterville Court, Champaign 61822 or donate online.  Please indicate that your donation is for the Clean Energy Challenge Grant.

App Offers Self-Guided Tour of Levee Trail

An interactive tour of the Bruce Hannon Levee Trail at LCF’s Sangamon River Corridor Reserve is available in the Prairie State Hike App. The app costs 99 cents and is available in your app store. It’s compatible with Apple and Android devices and includes trails all over Illinois, including Allerton Park’s formal gardens. Read more.