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Facepainting at Mudpuppy Festival

Face painting at LCF's Mudpuppy Festival


Our popular Mudpuppy Festival returns this spring! Bring the whole family to the Monarch Events Center in Monticello between 1 and 4 pm on Sunday, April 3, 2022.


Mudpuppies are active in every season, and you can be, too. Look below for family nature activities, indoors and out!

Print and Color at Home

"Mandy's Prairie Home" Coloring Book

All ages can enjoy coloring the beautiful black-and-white illustrations in this story of a Midwestern prairie threatened — then saved — written and illustrated by Gillian Moore.

Mandy, a Massasauga rattlesnake, lived happily in sunny, open prairie. But strange, invading plants began taking over her home. Her friend, the Wise Old Oak, saw its acorns struggle to survive in the cool shade. Could anything save them? Using fire — nature’s own tool — caring people bring Mandy’s home back into balance.

Book cover "Mandy's Prairie Home"
Snake illustration by Noah Clements

Educational Poster Created by LCF

Freshwater Mussels and Their Fish Hosts

Freshwater mussel larvae hitchhike on the gills or fins of fish while they change into young mussels. To attract the right fish, some mussels even grow their own amazing fishing lures! LCF's large, colorful mussel-host poster shows the host and hitchhiker pairings found in the Upper Sangamon River. Contact us to obtain full-sized copies (26 x 38.5 inches), or print a small PDF.

IDNR "Slime, Scales & Mudpuppy Tales" cover

Illinois' Amphibians & Reptiles

Slime, Scales & Mudpuppy Tales

Kids can get to know our state's salamanders, frogs, snakes, turtles, and lizards with this booklet from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. It includes basic facts, plus simple line drawings to color.

Scavenger Hunt Bingo Card

All-Season Hiking Fun

Scavenger Hunt Bingo

There's lots to discover as the seasons change! Take along our bingo card when you visit our Bruce Hannon Levee Trail. It's a fun way to encourage kids to look closely and feed their curiosity.

CCFPD "Winter Activity Guide" cover

Whose Pawprints Are Those?

Winter Activity Guide

When the snow falls, it's your chance to learn to identify animal tracks! The Champaign County Forest Preserve District's guide is filled with fun activities focused on the nature of Central Illinois.

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