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Flooding at LCF Sangamon River Corridor Reserve


Clean drinking water is essential to our health, and wetlands are nature's own water filters. LCF conserves wetlands along Central Illinois rivers and streams to help preserve this life-giving resource for future generations. Wetlands reduce chemical runoff and return clean water to our rivers and to our drinking water source, the Mahomet Aquifer.


Nearly half of Champaign and Piatt counties was once wetland. Only about 2% remains, and land along rivers continues to be threatened by development. We must act now to save this land and its critical function in the natural water cycle.

Mahomet Aquifer area map



Phoebe bird in central Illinois


In Illinois, many natural areas are in small, isolated patches. LCF works to connect these into larger corridors where wildlife can thrive.


Our Charlotte & Dan Brady Woods Nature Preserve is adjacent to Sangamon River Park. Our Sangamon River Corridor Reserve sits next to 2,300 acres of state land, including Allerton Park. This reserve is the keystone in LCF’s vision of a continuous corridor of protected land across Monticello, from Allerton Park to Lodge Park.


Our work to improve water quality helps the wild residents of our rivers and streams, including freshwater mussels and the fascinating mudpuppy.

"The greatest gift for the next generation is a place to play without swing sets, without screens, without walls." 

– LCF Advisor Fran Harty, The Nature Conservancy

Freshwater mussel survey in Sangamon River


LCF encourages all ages to discover the wonders of nature close to home. That positive experience can spark a lifelong commitment to preserving this precious resource.


LCF connects all ages with nature through:

  • Trails to explore year-round

  • Expert-led hikes, field trips, and educational events

  • Volunteer activities such as trail work and invasive plant removal


Through access and education, we work to ensure that the promise to protect these lands is renewed in each new generation. 

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