Rolling down to the Sangamon River, these woods dazzle the eye with a carpet of bluebells in the spring. Grand sycamore and silver maple trees tower above, some over 50 inches in diameter.


In keeping with LCF’s mission to connect lands, Brady Woods bridges two valuable natural sites: Piatt County Forest Preserve’s Sangamon River Park and the Smith House Natural Heritage Landmark.



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20 acres


10 CR 1800 N, Seymour, IL

Latitude and Longitude: 40.147688, -88.461358

History & Significance

Brady Woods includes a stretch of the Sangamon River, which is on the Illinois Natural Areas Inventory for its rich variety of aquatic life. The site lies next to the 60-acre Sangamon River Park, separated only by a narrow power line easement.


A number of great blue herons nest in the large sycamores beside the river.

The mostly wet floodplain forest is dominated by native hackberry, silver maple, sycamore, and bur oak trees. The most impressive include a sycamore and a silver maple over 50 inches in diameter, plus a 43-inch hackberry and 38-inch bur oak.


To the east lies the 4-acre Smith House Natural Heritage Landmark, where the rare Sangamon phlox lives. This subspecies is on the Illinois endangered species list and has been found only in Champaign and Piatt Counties.

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